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Dr. Kulik known as the Lord of the Eytrobila horrors or Kulechek - the main antagonist from the game. Super Vadimka and Super Vadimka II Revenge of Dr. Kulik and Super Vadimka III Enter ALJ and Super Vadimka IV Evil Returns the Horrors of Vadimka's Adventures a character design has been created. GnezdcorpTM he is also the sworn enemy of Vadim Kulev he hates too his dream is for him to take over the citizens of the world.


In the 1960s, when there was a little Doctor Kulechek, he was wildly bullied because he was a freak after only a few blows over him, and in 2021 it began to rarely attack the world on the breaking one also created enemies, well, Vadim Kulechek still meshed him, doctor Kulechek is difficult to stop, Vadim Kulev can't stop the current.

Character nomination[]

The newest villain is the appearance of the forum game Super Vadimka.