Super Vadimka Wiki

Super Vadimka the first free game of the titular franchise. It was released in 2021 respectively for Windows. Created by a certain VadimBallzGame developer.

In the game, the main character named Vadim Kulev who has to go through the most difficult levels to defeat Dr. Kulik and his minions of monsters.


The development of Super Vadimka was a labor of love for game designer VadimBallzGame and developer Yuri Kustov. The idea for the game came about when VadimBallzGame created a sprite of a character named Super Vadimka. Impressed by the design, he approached Yuri Kustov to help bring the character to life in a video game.

The duo worked tirelessly on the game, creating levels, designing boss battles, and fine-tuning gameplay mechanics. They wanted Super Vadimka to be a challenging yet rewarding experience for players, with non-linear gameplay and difficult levels to overcome.


During the development of Super Vadimka, there were a few glitches and bugs that cropped up. One notable bug was a collision issue where Super Vadimka would sometimes get stuck in walls or fall through the floor. The developers worked diligently to fix these issues and ensure a smooth gameplay experience for players.


  • Super Vadimka is named after the game's protagonist, a weak boy who becomes a superhero to fight against evil.
  • The character design of Super Vadimka was inspired by classic platformer heroes like Mario and Sonic.
  • The soundtrack for Super Vadimka was composed by a talented musician named Alexey Ivanov, who created a catchy and memorable score for the game.